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Fatherless Fathers Podcast

Dec 6, 2021

Author and TED speaker Nathaniel A. Turner, JD, MALS, helps wrap up Season 2 of Fatherless Fathers Podcast with a thought-provoking discussion about fatherhood. Nate is the author of several books, including the children’s book series, “The Amazing World of STEM,” and his history-making book, “Raising Supaman.”

Nov 29, 2021

Lavor Huggins, co-host of Brothers & Lawz - Let's Drop Jewels Podcast, opens up about being adopted, overcoming mental health issues, and becoming a better father.

Nov 22, 2021

Cortez James is here to give it to us straight with no chaser. Many fatherless fathers have often relied on a BIG UNC for guidance. Whether it's at the family reunion, Sunday dinner, or at a ball game, BIG UNC is always ready to impart wisdom the only way he knows how, through colorful language, adult humor, and a cold...

Nov 15, 2021

A brother from the land Down Under, the self-proclaimed “Fatherless Kid,” Joshua Suli-Ruka discusses the challenges he experienced growing up without his father. He also talks about the various projects he’s working on as a Freedom Coach to help other fatherless kids. Joshua is the host of the amazing Finding...

Nov 8, 2021

JJ Mungo is back for Part 2 of From White Powder to White-Collar. In this episode, JJ shares how he turned his life around and became a white-collar worker.