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Fatherless Fathers Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

Keyon Patterson states that childhood abuse and abandonment caused him to become a very toxic person. Plotting murder, being destructive in his relationships, participating in organized crime, and getting locked up were some of the poor decisions he made before deciding to give his life to God. 

Sep 21, 2020

Ron Henderson, known by some as The Dad Doctor, shares how he had to spring into action after one child "popped out" in the bathroom, and another made his debut in the family's car. This is an episode you don't want to miss! 


Sep 14, 2020

Curtis Drew is a husband, and father of two sons. Although his father was never a part of his life, it was still important for Curtis to have a relationship with him, and for his children to know their grandfather. One day while lying in bed with his oldest son, after years of searching for his father, Curtis received a...

Sep 7, 2020

Walston Barbour, a Licensed Professional Counselor, shares his story of redemption. Despite overcoming multiple childhood traumas, and attending college, Walston gave up on his dreams and turned to a life that included drug use, incarceration, and abandoning all 5 of his children. But God! You are not going to want to...